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November 13, 2010


Pat Evans

Love the baby picture, know how you feel. I have found that baby benadryl works wonders and sedates them for the flight. I think they are crying because their ears are popping and it hurts the smaller you are. Just my theory.
Pat Evans, mother of 3, godmother of 3 and aunt to 50+

Debbi B

Great story! I've experienced this as one of the "other passengers". And, I always felt sorry for the child and the parents. @Pat: I think your are right about the ears popping and it hurts as I've experienced this myself. It seems to happen when the pilot is trying to "make up time" for a delayed flight.

Rina Zeller

What's funny is that kids screaming on a plane used to drive me crazy. Now that I have my own, I literally don't even hear it any more. Mine are so loud and constantly screaming that I've become immune to it. I have to look at the faces of irritated people around me to be aware that my kids are yelling or calling my name.
And your kids are adorable!!!

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